about me

International artist Samantha Ivey performs for corporate events, concerts, theatres and cruise ships around the world. Samantha’s high energy show consists of Musical Theatre, Pop, Classical and Rock.

Samantha was awarded a scholarship at London’s Millennium Performing Arts. She has performed at The Royal Festival Hall for Soft Cell’s Marc Almond and in the UK tour of ‘Rockin Through The Ages’. Charity concerts include ‘West End For Send’ in aid of CRY and Harrisons Fund. Other venues performed at include The Hippodrome Casino in the West End, The Phesantry in Chelsea, The Bloomsbury Theatre, The Cochrane Theatre and many children’s hospitals around London for the charity ‘Spread A Smile’.

Vocal coaching has also played a big part in Samantha’s career. She has coached the Bromley Boys Singers concert choir and has done private coaching at Surrey Singing School.

Samantha Ivey Tour Dates


  • Dec 28-04, East London to Cape Town, Oceania Nautica
  • Jan 06-12, Funchal to Barbados, Arcadia
  • Jan 19-29, La Coruna to Barbados, Ventura
  • Feb 04-10, San Francisco to La Haina, Queen Elizabeth
  • Apr 14-23, Mumbai to Aqaba, Oceania Nautica
  • Apr 25-04, Mungalore to Muscat, Oceania Insignia
  • June 21-29, Venice to Civitavecchia, NCL Spirit
  • July 16-23, Southampton to Isafjodur, Arcadia
  • July 28-01, Southampton to Bergen, Queen Elizabeth
  • Sept 11-18, Southampton to Reyjkavik, NCL Jade
  • Oct 01-07, Southampton to Villefranche, Ventura
  • Oct 08-12, Southampton to Palma De Mallorca, Queen Elizabeth
  • Oct 13-30, Barbados to Rio, Oceania Sirena
  • Nov 13-21, Mumbai to Port Luis, Oceania Nautica
  • Dec 02-06, Antigua to Barbados, Arcadia
  • Dec 11-17, Cadiz to Cartagena, Ventura
  • Dec 28-04, Maputo to Mombassa, Oceania Nautica


  • Jan 03-10, New York to Southampton, Queen Mary 2
  • Feb 06-12, Punta Del Este to Punta Arenas, Queen Mary 2
  • Feb 16-20, Adelaide to Sydney, Queen Elizabeth
  • Mar 04-20, Rio to Barbados, Regent Mariner
  • May 05-11, Southampton to Southampton, Arcadia
  • May 11-20, Livorno to Barcelona, Oceania Nautica
  • June 23-29, La Palma to Southampton, Oriana
  • July 02-04, Civitavecchia to Corfu, Queen Victoria
  • July 11-17, Cagliari to Southampton, Oriana
  • Sept 11-17, Copenhagen to Helsinki, Regent Voyager
  • Sept 20-27, Southampton to New York, Queen Mary 2
  • Nov 10-15, Valencia to Southampton, Queen Victoria
  • Nov 16-19, Lisbon to Southampton, Queen Elizabeth
  • Nov 19-26, Southampton to New York, Queen Mary 2
  • Dec 28-04, East London to Cape Town, Oceania Nautica